Below is a sample email that is sent to a player when they are registered for a team by the team captain.

Hi Team Player

You've been registered on Matchlineup.com by Team Captain Name for the following team:

Team Name:
Team Name 2014
Facility: EastBay
Group Type: Mens
Team Rating: 4.0

As you know, Match Line-up is a tennis management system that allows captains to manage match scheduling, team communications, etc. Additionally, the system allows players to confirm matches, provide match availability, along with many other features.

Your username is below,

Username: username


If you've forgotten your password, press "forgot password" on the login screen.

Next, update your match availability. This will ensure that your captain knows exactly which matches you are available to play throughout the season. Also, please provide any additional information you wish to share with your captain by updating your profile in “Player Info” under the “My Account” tab.

We hope you enjoy our software and welcome any suggestions you have to help us make Match Line-up an even better experience for you. Have a great tennis season!

Match Line-up team