What's New 2016

July 2016

Match Calendar

Match Line-up has recently added an icon to display the player line-up for that match. This will open another dialog box listing all of the players scheduled for that particular match. This will allow captains to quickly view the line-up and see who has confirmed, declined or not responded to the match line-up.

Additionally: The roll-over days for the previous or following month have been removed to make it easier to view the current month's matches.

Player Availability Reminders

Match Line-up has added an automated player availability reminder. This will be sent to group players that have a scheduled match the following week. It lists the players upcoming matches and simply states the player should review his/her upcoming match availability selections. This will show the player if they have selected a Yes, No or ? for match availability. If they need to change the availability, they can log into Matchlineup and make adjustments.

Add/Edit Match (Fixed)

There was an issue submitted that if a captain edited a Match Opponent, the email sent to the players displayed the wrong location (City/State). This issue has been corrected.

March 2016

Group Images

Match Line-up has recently added the ability for captains to upload group photos. These photos (after approval) will be on the player's page for everyone on the group to view. This allows groups the ability to show photos of group players, recent matches, etc. The hope is to create a great group comradery. Enjoy!

Note: If you have photos you'd like to share with the group, please let your captain know.

Player status

Match Line-up has changed the Player's page to include a player status indicator. This allows players to quickly identify if they have been:
  • Scheduled but not Confirmed
  • Scheduled and Confirmed
  • Scheduled and Declined
  • Not Scheduled (default)

January 2016


Match Line-up has changed the verbiage on the match information page that is sent to group members that are NOT playing. Some players found it to be confusing. It previosly stated in the subject line 'Automated reminder of match on ##/##/####'. It now states 'Matchlineup notification for match on ##/##/####'. The distinction is from reminder to notification.

Example Links

The Example links on the right side of the page were not working correctly, giving the user an error when clicked. These have been fixed.

Group Management

The 'Groups you Captain' and 'Groups you're on' tabs have been combined onto one section. This allows users to easily view and navigate between these two areas. Also, the groups have been sorted by group start date, ascending. So, the group will now show most recent groups at the top. Additionally, if you have more than 5 records in either area, the user will be provided a navigation panel below for page 2,3... etc.

January 2016 - Group Captains

Ability to manage your own Group Facilities

Group captains are now able to manage their own facilities in Matchlineup. This is a big change for Matchlineup. Now, a captain can add/edit/delete facilities associated with their groups. Matchlineup can now be administrated in any state in the U.S. without setup from the Matchlineup staff. Due to this change, captains will notice an additional icon in the Group Management section called locations. Additionally, captains will notice an added screen for facilities in the group setup process.

Delete a Group

Captains now have the ability to delete a group. This can be used for group in previous seasons, etc. Once a group has been deleted, all matches, players, etc. are removed from the system.


Captains can now add a group Co-Captain in the Group Info section. In order to select a Co-Captain, the user must be registred on Matchlineup and must be added to your group. Once a Co-Captain has been designated, they will have the same privlidges as a captain.

Group Admin

Captains can now add a group Group Admin in the Group Info section. In order to select a Co-Captain, the user must be registred on Matchlineup and must be added to your group. Once a Group Admin has been designated, they will have the same privlidges as a captain.

Change Captain

A captain now has the ability to change themselves from a Group Captain to another registered Matchlineup user. This can be done from the Group Info section. Next to the Captain's name, there is an icon. When pressed, you can enter another registered user. That user will now be the Group captain, and you (as captain) will no longer be administrating the group. This function can be used if a captain is no longer able to perform the Group Management duties of a captain. There are NO notifications sent to the new captain.